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Grinding and Polishing Machine

Labtron Grinding and polishing machines offer various modes for both grinding and polishing, enabling users to switch between coarse and fine abrasives. Comes equipped with variable speed settings, that allow adjusting the rotation speed of the abrasive wheels or discs. Featured with advanced control systems that provide precise control over the processes. Its digital displays and sensors, help maintain accuracy and consistency. Incorporates a servo motor to maintain consistent high torque, even at low speeds. Sturdy and durable construction materials ensure the longevity of the machine for withstanding the demands of heavy industrial usage

LGPM-A10 Grinding and Polishing Machine LGPM-A10

Disc Diameter : 203 mm /254 mm

Speed : 20 to 600 rpm

Direction : CW/CCW

Torque : 10N.m

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Grinding and Polishing Machine

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