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Gypsum Analyzer LGSA-A10

Gypsum Analyzer LGSA-A10

Gypsum Analyzer LGSA-A10 is a blend of integrated advanced technology and compact structure for enhanced efficiency. It offers swift measurement capabilities, ensuring quick results without compromising accuracy. Measurement system has user friendly interface, ensuring ease of operation. Features a 7-inch capacitive touch screen for intuitive navigation and quick response.

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Measuring Range 0.01 to 100%
Weighing Range 0 to 160 g
Weighing Accuracy 0.001 g
Temperature Range Origin to 240 ℃
Test Model Gypsum three-phase special test mode (automatic, gypsum, purity, stage)
Three-phase Measurement Result Adsorption water content, anhydrous gypsum content, hydration increment, hemihydrate gypsum content, dehydration amount, dihydrate gypsum content
Moisture Measurement Result Moisture % (attached water, crystal water %), moisture curve, weight curve, temperature curve; test duration, constant weight time, measurement mode, set temperature, measured temperature, initial weight value, final weight value
Heating Source Special annular heating source
Heating Program Fast
Display Parameters 20 kinds
Data Storage Last 50 sets of measurement data (expandable)
Display Curve Simultaneously display three test curves (including moisture M, weight W, temperature T)
Sample Plate Size Diameter 100 mm
Display 7-inch capacitive touch display
Communication Interface Standard RS232 print interface
Dimensions 390 × 220 × 170 mm
Packaging dimensions 450 × 250 × 300 mm
Net Weight 3.65 Kg
Gross weight 6 Kg
  • Four test modes for automatic, gypsum, purity, and phase measurement
  • Special annular heating source for uniform heating, drying, and faster measurement
  • High quality load cell for improved weighing accuracy
  • High-sensitivity temperature control components for precise temperature control
  • Zero consumables with a stainless-steel sample tray for reuse
  • Gypsum Analyzer has user-friendly operation
  • Communication via a standard RS232 interface
  • Powerful data processing capabilities with a standard USB

Gypsum Analyzer is ideal for rapid analysis in various industries including non-metallic minerals, building gypsum, desulfurization gypsum, phosphogypsum, natural gypsum, industrial by-product gypsum, gypsum mortar.

USB computer software interface

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