Hydrogen Peroxide Generator

Labtron Hydrogen Peroxide Generators provide on-demand production of hydrogen peroxide with multiple safety features for secure handling. They operate reliably at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, ensuring stable performance. They are equipped with high-quality tubing and aseptic bayonets for enhanced durability. Our hydrogen peroxide generator features a dehumidification function, a user-friendly touchscreen, and real-time data printing. They are ideal for efficient sterilization without compromising material integrity.

Hydrogen Peroxide Generator LVHG-A10

Hydrogen Peroxide Generator LVHG-A10

Injection rate : 0 to 4 g/min

Air flow for Sterilization : ≤ 2.4 m3/min

Vaporization Temperature : ≤ 100 °C

Humidity for Dehumidification : ≤ 30 % RH

Hydrogen Peroxide Generator LVHG-B10

Hydrogen Peroxide Generator LVHG-B10

Liquid Storage Capacity : 1L

Decontamination Capacity : 6 Lg

Vaporization Capacity : ≥ 5 ml/min

Working Method : Continuous

Hydrogen Peroxide Generator :
Hydrogen Peroxide Generator LVHG-A10, Hydrogen Peroxide Generator LVHG-B10, and more.

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