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Hydrogen Peroxide Generator

Labtron Hydrogen Peroxide Generators allow for the on-demand production of hydrogen peroxide, ensuring a constant and reliable supply for specific applications. Equipped with multiple safety features to prevent accidents and ensure the secure handling of hydrogen peroxide during the generation process. They operate securely at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, ensuring a stable and reliable performance. These systems are connected to high-quality imported silicone tubing and aseptic bayonets for enhanced durability. Incorporates a dehumidification function, for precise adjustment and control of humidity and temperature levels. Equipped with a user-friendly color touchscreen display and an online printing function for real-time data documentation. These systems ensure excellent compatibility between hydrogen peroxide and gas materials, providing a reliable and efficient sterilization process without compromising material integrity.

LVHG-A10 Hydrogen Peroxide Generator LVHG-A10

Injection rate : 0 to 4 g/min

Air flow for Sterilization : ≤ 2.4 m3/min

Vaporization Temperature : ≤ 100 °C

Humidity for Dehumidification : ≤ 30 % RH

LVHG-B10 Hydrogen Peroxide Generator LVHG-B10

Vaporization capacity : ≥ 5 ml/min

Air flow for Sterilization : ≥ 80 m3/h

Ambient Temperature : 10 ℃ to 40 ℃

Ambient dust concentration : 100000 particles/ft3

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Hydrogen Peroxide Generator

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