ICP Spectrometer

Labtron ICP Spectrometer are designed for the detection and analysis of trace and ultra-trace elements. They use advanced argon plasma technology to efficiently measure multiple elements per minute. Each unit has a highly sensitive detection system with low detection limits, providing accurate results for both liquid and solid samples. Equipped with Czerny-Turner optical pathways, these spectrometer provide exceptional optical resolution and stability. They feature advanced control systems for improved signal-to-background ratios. Our ICP Spectrometer comes with dual verniers for error reduction and optical drain sensors for enhanced sensitivity and accuracy.

ICP spectrometer LICP-A10

ICP spectrometer LICP-A10

Wavelength range ( 3600 lines / mm ) : 180 to 500 nm

Wavelength range ( 2400 lines / mm ) : 180 to 800 nm

Temperature : 20 ~ 28 °C

Elements per minute : 26 elements

ICP Spectrometer LICP-A11

ICP Spectrometer LICP-A11

Wavelength range : 180 to 900 nm

Elements per minute : 15 elements

Temperature : 29 °C

Incident slit : 25 µm

ICP Spectrometer LICP-A12
ICP Spectrometer LICP-A12

Wavelength range : 195 to 800 mm

Elements per minute : 10 elements

Temperature range : 32 °C

Incident slit : 20 µm

ICP Spectrometer :
ICP spectrometer LICP-A10, ICP Spectrometer LICP-A11, ICP Spectrometer LICP-A12, ICP Spectrometer LICP-B10, and more.

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