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Image Particle Shape and Size Analyzer LISA-A12

Image Particle Shape and Size Analyzer LISA-A12

Image Particle Shape and Size Analyzer LISA-A12 is designed to analyze and characterize the particle size distribution, shape, and morphology of various powdered materials. With a wide measuring range of 30µm to 5000µm, it can handle larger sample sizes compared to traditional statistical modes. This analyzer employs dynamic imaging techniques to provide comprehensive data regarding particles within a sample. It excels in capturing real-time images of sample particles, enabling the storage and processing of this visual data.

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Measuring Range 30μm to 5000μm
Dispersion free fall
Maximum Resolution 3000 × 2000
Executive Standard ISO/DIS-13322-2
Frame Rate 350 FPS
Average Diameter Size Xnl, Xns, Xnv, Xls, Xlv, Xsv
Exposure Time 5 microseconds
Measuring Time 2 to 3 mins
Dual Camera System 0.3x and 1x cameras
Dimension (H × W × D) 880 × 440 × 300 mm
Weight 30 Kg
  • Provides parameters like sphericity, circularity, roundness, and aspect ratio
  • Includes dedicated software for particle circularity computation
  • Complies with industry standards (API_RP58, geological plates)
  • Measures extensive particle data for better representativeness
  • Improves reliability compared to static methods Utilizes wide field, central light path, and sampling window
  • Enhances photo clarity for precise analysis
  • Obtains data in 2 minutes from samples added to the tank
  • Enables real-time testing with online sampling, capturing sample state changes

Ensure orderly data management via task management
Collect videos and images anytime for required data retention
Correlate actual sizes through scale calibration for direct image size values
Process pictures while collecting in batch mode for limitless processing
Utilize 12 Automatic Processing Tools for tasks like eliminating particle adhesion, miscellaneous points, incomplete boundary particles, filling hollow areas, and smoothing edges
Opt for a dynamic processing mode for handling dynamic flow samples
Customize report output style, data type, and mode based on specific needs

It finds applications in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, materials science, food processing, and cosmetics, where understanding particle characteristics is crucial for product development.

High-Speed Industrial Camera: 2 pcs

Lens Group: 1 set
Highlight Parallel Light Source: 1 set
Instrument Host: 1 set
Password Key: 1 pc
English Software: 1 pc
English Manual: 1 pc
Brushes: 2 pcs
Lens Cleaning Paper: 3 pcs
Power Cable: 1 pc
Communication Line: 1 pc
Network Cable : 1 pc
Sampling Soon : 2 pcs

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LISA-A12 30μm to 5000μm free fall 3000 × 2000 ISO/DIS-13322-2 350 FPS Xnl, Xns, Xnv, Xls, Xlv, Xsv 5 microseconds 2 to 3 mins 0.3x and 1x cameras 880 × 440 × 300 mm 30 Kg

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