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Infrared Moisture Analyzer LIMA-A10

Infrared Moisture Analyzer LIMA-A10

Infrared Moisture Analyzer LIMA-A10 is an online, fast, continuous measurement and non-contact measurement device with measurement distance range of 20 to 40 cm. It provides automated control and 4 to 20 mA current signal. This IR Moisture Analyzer emits different wavelengths of infrared light (4, 6, 8, 10 beam) to calculate the moisture content of the measured object. Designed with long-life high-speed brushless motor, imported high response infrared sensors, information processing chip FPGA + DSP + ARM9 combination, to attain real time data, improved stability and precision.

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Measuring Range 0 to 99 %
Measurement Resolution 0.0001
Measuring Distance 20 to 40 cm
Light Diameter 10 cm
Upper And Lower Control Self-editing by end user
Current Signal 4 to 20 mA
Operating Humidity ≤ 90 % RH
Power 220 V/50 Hz
Packing Size (W×D×H) 540×445×450 mm
Gross Weight 17 kg
  • Optical system with dual optical detectors to monitor moisture measurement from sensor
  • Easy installation of instrument
  • Easy to operate by using single-chip digital operation
  • Online fast continuous measurement and non-contact measurement
  • Incorporated with 8-beam for more stability and accuracy over that of 4 and 6 beam
  • Equipped with long-life high-speed brushless motor

Infrared Moisture Analyzer is uuseful in measuring the moisture content of the measured object by using water molecules. It finds application in different kinds of field like pharmaceutical, chemicals, mining, and energy, wood and paper processing, food and tobacco, metallurgy, construction.

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Model Measuring Range Measurement Resolution Measuring Distance Light Diameter Upper And Lower Control Current Signal Operating Humidity Power Packing Size (W×D×H) Gross Weight
LIMA-A10 0 to 99 % 0.0001 20 to 40 cm 10 cm Self-editing by end user 4 to 20 mA ≤ 90 % RH 220 V/50 Hz 540×445×450 mm 17 kg
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