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Jar Tester

Labtron provides high-quality jar testers which are also known as flocculation jar testers. They feature a variable speed control mechanism that allows users to adjust the rotational speed of the sample jars. Their compact design features four portable beakers, making it easy to move and set up in various laboratory settings. Comes with an adjustable timer that enables users to control the duration of the mixing cycle. Equipped with an LCD, these jar testers allow users to monitor test parameters with precision and clarity. Their automatic agent dosing and elevating capabilities streamline the testing process, ensuring consistent and accurate results. Offers both synchronous and independent running modes, allowing for versatile experimentation and comparison of different conditions. Often incorporate safety features such as splash guards or covers to protect users from accidental exposure to chemicals and prevent contamination of the laboratory environment.

LFC-A11 Flocculation Jar Tester LFC-A11

Type : 4 beakers, portable

Acrylic round beaker Capacity : 0.6 L

Acrylic round beaker Dimension : 95 mm diameter, 130 mm height

Speed range : 10 to 1000 rpm, 1 rpm increment

LFC-A12 Flocculation Jar Tester LFC-A12

Type : 6 beakers, desktop

Acrylic round beaker Capacity : 1.0 L

Acrylic round beaker Dimension : 110 mm diameter, 180 mm height

Speed range : 10 to 1000 rpm, 1 rpm increment

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