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Lab Refrigerator-Freezer Combination

Labtron Lab refrigerator-freezer combinations feature separate compartments for refrigeration and freezing, each with its dedicated temperature control system. These units are equipped with advanced temperature control mechanisms, including digital temperature displays and adjustable temperature settings. They are equipped with alarm systems to alert users of temperature deviations outside of the preset range. These alarms help prevent sample damage or loss by notifying laboratory personnel of any temperature fluctuations that could compromise the integrity of stored samples. To safeguard valuable samples and reagents, these units come with door lock features and password-protected controls, preventing unauthorized access to the contents. They include backup power systems and battery-operated alarms to ensure continuous monitoring and protection in the event of a power outage. These units are often constructed with durable materials such as stainless steel to withstand the demanding conditions of laboratory use.

LRFC-A12 Lab Refrigerator-Freezer Combination LRFC-A12

Total capacity : 620 L (470 L refrigerator + 150 L freezer)

LRFC-A13 Lab Refrigerator-Freezer Combination LRFC-A13

Total capacity : 310 L (230 L refrigerator + 80 L freezer)

LRFC-A14 Lab Refrigerator-Freezer Combination LRFC-A14

Total capacity : 490 L (350 L refrigerator + 140 L freezer)

LRFC-A10 Lab Refrigerator-Freezer Combination LRFC-A10

Total capacity : 265 L (160 L refrigerator + 105 L freezer)

LRFC-A11 Lab Refrigerator-Freezer Combination LRFC-A11

Effective capacity : 450 Liters

Refrigerator room : 225 Liters

Freezer room : 225 Liters

Temperature range: Up room: : 2 °C to 8 °C

LRFC-A15 Lab Refrigerator-Freezer Combination LRFC-A15

Capacity : 519 L ( Freezer 204 L, Refrigerator 315 L)

Temperature Range : Refrigerator:2 to 8°C Freezer :-10 to -40°C

Ambient Temperature : 16 to 32°C

Cooling Performance : Refrigerator:2 °C Freezer : -40°C

LRFC-A16 Lab Refrigerator-Freezer Combination LRFC-A16

Capacity : 288 L (Refrigerator- 188 L, Freezer- 100 L)

Temperature Range : Refrigerator: 2°C To 8°C Freezer: -20°C to -40°C

Cooling Performance : Refrigerator:2°C Freezer : -40°C

Shelves : 3

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