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Large Scale Vacuum Freeze Dryer LLFD-B11

Large Scale Vacuum Freeze Dryer LLFD-B11

Large Scale Vacuum Freeze Dryer LLFD-B11 is rectangular type, cylindrical compact structure. It offers manual and auto control mode, sensor calibration, intelligent temperature control, freeze drying termination reminding and other functions. The temperature ranges from -50℃ to +70℃ and offers 3+1 layers of shelf with 70 mm if shelf spacing and size of each shelf is 270 mm × 400 mm. Material used AISI 304 stainless steel, top and bottom plate thickness 5 mm. Features CFC Free refrigerant and PT-100 platinum resistance temperature sensor. Designed with refrigeration system, shelf, condenser, vacuum system and liquid circulation system. The heat is transferred to the inner space of the vacuum chamber and absorbed heat during sublimation efficiently. The product is dried completely and evenly.

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Drying Chamber
Freeze-drying area0.32 m2
Layers of shelf3 + 1
Temperature scope of shelf-50℃ to +70℃(no-load)
Shelf temperature error±1℃ (in balance)
Shelf spacing70 mm
Size of shelf270 mm × 400 mm
Min. Temperature of condenser≤-70℃ (no-load)
Water-capture capability>6 Kg
Liquid material3L (Thickness: 10 mm)
DefrostingElectric defrosting
Final Vacuum degree≤ 5Pa
Style of coolingFan cooling
Shelf effective area0.32 m2
Shelf size270 mm × 400 mm
Shelf numbers3+1 Top shelf as temperature compensating plate
Material number plate3 pcs
Shelf spacing70 mm
Shelf materialAISI 304 stainless steel, Top and bottom plate thickness 5 mm
Shelf temperature range-50℃ to +70℃ (no-load)
Condenser Design
Condenser ShapeVertical type, cylindrical Compact structure, better water capture ,easy to clean and defrosting
Condenser materialAISI 304 stainless steel
Coiling pipe materialCopper
Condenser water capture≥ 30 kg
Condenser Temperature Decreasing+20℃ to 40℃, within 30 minutes
Condenser Min. temp.≤ -75℃
System final vacuum degree≤ 5 Pa
Thermal insulation materialPolyurethane foams
Refrigeration System
RefrigeratorFrance original imported TECUMSEH full closure compressor
RefrigerantCFC Free refrigerant
Refrigerator number2 sets
Shelf refrigeration1 sets (shelf refrigeration at same time, indirect refrigeration)
Condenser refrigeration1 set (shelf refrigeration at same time, direct refrigeration)
Vacuum System
Double stage rotary vane pumpWorld famous brand
Quantity1 set
Vacuum gaugeReborn
Chamber pumping rateAtmosphere 10 Pa ≤30 minutes (in dry condition)
System Maximum vacuum≤ 5Pa
System leaking rate≤ 10 Pa·l / sec
Liquid Circulation System
LiquidLow viscosity silicon oil( 25˚C, 5cst )National qualified product
Liquid tubing materialAISI 304, welding, heat keeping
Circulation pumpWILO, original imports, web rotor canned pump From Germany brand , world famous brand
Circulation pump quantity1 set
Heating rate0.8 kW
Heating control styleSolid-state relay
Stainless steel plate heat exchangerWell-known brands
Temperature sensorPT-100 platinum resistance
Control style Automatic and manual control
Noise ≤ 80 dB
Installation Power 3.0 kW (this is installed power, not running power)
Power supply Single phases, 220V
Dimension 770 × 750 × 1520 mm
Weight About 400 kg
  • Designed with freeze drying area 0.32 m2
  • Offers vertical type, cylindrical compact structure
  • Designed with rectangular type dry chamber, Pre-freezing, drying in same chamber without any manual operation
  • Offers PLC control with 7 inch LCD touch graphic display, can be operated in auto, semi-auto and manual mode
  • Roughness of inner wall is Ra ≤ 0.6 μm
  • Opening direction clockwise or anticlockwise
  • Material used AISI 304 stainless steel and door material ACRYLIC
  • Working temperature ranges from -50℃ to +70℃
  • Thermal insulation material used is Polyurethane foams
  • Equipped with PT-100 platinum resistance temperature sensor
  • Designed with refrigeration system, shelf, condenser, vacuum system and liquid circulation system
  • Adopts Electric defrosting mode
  • Environmental-friendly refrigerant

Large Scale Vacuum Freeze Dryer is used in Bio-Pharma industry to freeze dry and store drug and medicinal product, materials, other biomaterials. Also used in food industry to freeze dry fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, Processed and raw food material to increase their shelf life and maintain quality.

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Model Control style Noise Installation Power Power supply Dimension Weight
LLFD-A12 - - - - - 6000 kg
LLFD-A10 - - - - - 3500 kg
LLFD-A11 - - - - - 4200 kg
LLFD-B11 Automatic and manual control ≤ 80 dB 3.0 kW (this is installed power, not running power) Single phases, 220V 770 × 750 × 1520 mm About 400 kg
LLFD-B10 Array - - - - -

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