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Leaf Area Meter

Labtron Leaf Area Meter uses advanced optical sensors and imaging techniques to precisely measure the area of individual leaves. It is non-destructive, allowing users to measure leaf area without harming the plant. Offers rapid measurements, allowing the processing of a large number of samples efficiently. It can measure both intact leaves and leaf fragments, offering versatility in experimental design. Its minimal setup involves simply inserting leaves and closing the measuring probe. This device facilitates precise monitoring of individual leaves during crop growth, enhancing the depth of analysis. Additionally, LED lighting sources contribute to battery conservation.

LLAM-A10 Leaf Area Meter LLAM-A10

Measurement method : Optical density difference at two wavelengths

Measurement area : 2 × 3 mm

Maximum sample thickness : 1.2 mm

Accuracy : ± 1.0 SPAD units

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Leaf Area Meter

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