Leaf Area Meter

Labtron Leaf Area Meter uses advanced optical sensors and imaging techniques to precisely measure the area of individual leaves. It is non-destructive, allowing users to measure leaf area without harming the plant. Offers rapid measurements, allowing the processing of a large number of samples efficiently. It can measure both intact leaves and leaf fragments, offering versatility in experimental design. Its minimal setup involves simply inserting leaves and closing the measuring probe. This device facilitates precise monitoring of individual leaves during crop growth, enhancing the depth of analysis. Additionally, LED lighting sources contribute to battery conservation.

Leaf Area Meter LLAM-A10

Leaf Area Meter LLAM-A10

Test Unit : millimeter, square centimeter

Precision : ±2%

Resolution : 0.01cm

Measuring Length : ≤ 1000mm

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Leaf Area Meter FAQ's
  • Leaf Area Meter is used to precisely measure the surface area of leaves. It makes use of latest optical scanning and imaging technology to achieve fast yet reliable results.

  • Our leaf area meter works by optical scanning of the leaf placed on its transparent surface. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) present below this surface illuminates the leaf area under observation, while a mobile sensor captures the image. From this capture, an in-built software counts the number of pixels in the image to finally detect the length and width of the leaf.

  • The measurement of leaf area plays a crucial role in Agricultural, Botanical and Forestry research to study the effect of varietal characteristics on crop health. In Horticulture biology, this technique is used for breeding of naturally selected plants that show increased leaf size or better health. This method also plays a role in environment monitoring where the parameters of climate change and pollution levels are indicated by leaf area measurement.

  • A leaf area meter reduces the chances of human error by improving precision of measurement, reduction in time and facilitating non-destructive, in-situ analysis allowing you to measure the area of the leaf without causing harm to the plant.

  • Currently, these modern devices make use of three distinct technologies, that is, Flatbed Optical Scanning which makes use of a light source and a mobile sensor, Laser Scanning that uses a reflecting laser beam and imaging sensor and Digital Camera-Based which utilizes a ultra-high-resolution camera to form a digital image of the leaf under observation.

  • On the basis of mobility, it can be of two types, that is, Stationary leaf area meters and Portable leaf area meters. The former is used for quality control and research purpose in controlled laboratory settings having limited mobility, whereas the latter is used in outdoor environments for quick assessment due to its small size.

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Leaf Area Meter :
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