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Liquid Chromatography

Chromatography is a powerful analytical tool that is widely used in research, quality control, and various industries.

Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer LC-MS-310

Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer LC-MS-310

Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer LC-MS-310 provides higher selectivity, accuracy, and reproducibility, and better limits of detection and quantification. Include a stronger ion source with excellent ionic yield with a mass range between m/z 2 to 2,000. Improved with a new-generation step scan ion transmission technology increasing sensitivity. Configured standard method library, automatic tuning, intelligent MRM, and intelligent batch processing. Built with customized report output functions, simple and easy-to-use control software.

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Mass Range m/z 2 to 2,000
Resolution R < 0.7 u FWHM and adjustable to 0.5 u
Scan Speed ≥2,0000 amu/s
Ionization Switching Time 20 ms
MRM Transition Speed 300 MRM/s
Ion Focus Unit ESI probe with focus electrodes
Recoveries More than 90%
Dimensions 460×850×650 mm
Weight 50 Kg
  • Unique biorthogonal ESI and APCI dual ion sources for convenient analysis of polar or non-polar compounds
  • High-efficiency desolvation ion source and ion interface enhance the system tolerability and stability
  • Include Automatic tuning and mass calibration which reduces the complexity
  • Built-in with a multi-level vacuum system based on the molecular pump and backing pump
  • Interlocking control is adopted for all gas circuits, voltage, and heating, ensuring equipment safety
  • Structured with a 3Q quadrupole transmission system to maintain transmission efficiency
  • Gold-plated pure molybdenum quadrupole mass analyzer, providing optimal thermal stability
  • Supplied with full scan, SIM, SRM, MRM, product ion scan, precursor ion scan, and neutral loss scan
  • Innovative pulse-detection technology can effectively improve the signal-noise ratio and obtain better analysis results
  • Powerful, friendly mass expert analysis workstation providing brand-new user experience and no-barrier learning

It is an indispensable tool for quantitative and qualitative analysis in a wide range of fields, from pharmaceuticals and food science to environmental analysis. The applications include identification confirmation of organic chemical compounds, chemical residue analysis, trace level contamination or adulteration detection, and quantitation.

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