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Liquid Particle Counter LLPC-A20

Liquid Particle Counter LLPC-A20

Liquid Particle Counter LLPC-A20 is a standard instrument developed with the principle of photo resisting method. It provides a fast, accurate, reliable, and repeatable test results. Equipped with a built-in pressure sensor to set the pressure value and automatically judge the air pressure in the cabin to ensure safety. It also provides a complete pollution monitoring and analysis report.

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Light Source Semiconductor laser
Particle Size Range 0.8μm~600μm
Detection Channels 8~64 channels are optional
Sensitivity 0.8μm or 3μm
Resolution <10% (GB/T18854, ISO11171)
Sample Detection Viscosity ≤650cSt
Sampling Volume 0.2~1000mL, interval 0.1mL
Sampling Accuracy Better than ±0.5%
Sampling Speed 5 ~80mL/min
Power Supply 110~245V AC, 50Hz, 70W
Dimensions (L × D × H) 340 × 410 × 650 mm
Net Weight 25 Kg
  • Adopt the light resistance (shading) method counting principle
  • High-precision laser sensor
  • Wide test range
  • A stable performance with low noise and high resolution
  • Suitable for detecting the particle pollution such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, anti-fuel oil, insulating oil and turbine oil
  • Suitable for inspection of products with different viscosities
  • Air purification system ensures the test is not polluted
  • Multiple calibration curves, compatible with all commonly used domestic and foreign standards for calibration
  • Built-in data analysis system, one test can give all standard test data
  • Viscosity, moisture and temperature sensor modules, provide content saturation, ppm value and temperature reference value which is convenient for particle size analysis
  • Cups can be used to meet the testing requirements of different industries
  • Dual interface, easy and convenient operation

Liquid Particle Counter is widely used in aviation, aerospace, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, port, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacturing and other fields.

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