Cyto-Low Speed Centrifuge LLS-A10

Cyto-Low Speed Centrifuge LLS-A10

Cyto-Low Speed Centrifuge LLS-A10 offers a maximum speed of 4000 rpm with a capacity of 6 tubes. With an RCF of 2500 ×g, it works on a timer range of 0 to 99 min. This system is efficiently controlled by a microprocessor. It features a digital display for precise adjustment of RCF, speed, and operational time. Our centrifuge is constructed with three layers of protective steel casing and a stainless-steel chamber, which ensures durability.

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Max. Speed 4000rpm
Max. RCF 2500×g
Max. Capacity 6×30ml
Timer Range 0 to 99min
Speed Accuracy ±20rpm
Noise ≤ 60dBA
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz, 2A
Dimension (L × W × H) 280 × 528 × 370 mm
Weight 14 kg
  • Emergency lock mechanism
  • Quiet brushless DC motor
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Automatic lid lock system

Cyto-Low Speed Centrifuge is used for diagnostic procedures and the analysis of a wide range of bodily fluids. It is employed in the field of biochemistry, for the separation of blood components, and analysis in diagnostic laboratories and research institutes.

Rotor Type Max. Speed Max. Capacity Max. RCF
Cyto Rotor 01 4000 rpm 6 × 30 ml 2500 × g

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