Low speed centrifuge LLS-A31

Low speed centrifuge LLS-A31

Low speed table-top centrifuge is used for separation of impurities from a variety of samples. It features auto power cut for safe operations and brushless DC motor for silent running. Low speed centrifuge is equipped with emergency lock under the bottom of centrifuge for opening of lid during power failure. It can store up to 10 kinds program in its memory with 10 different kinds of accelerating and deaccelerating speed for choice.

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Max. speed 5000rpm
Max. RCF 4420×g 
Max. Capacity 4×250ml
Timer range 0~99min
Speed accuracy ±10rpm
Noise ≤58dBA
Weight 35kg
Power supply AC220V/110, 50 Hz/ 60 Hz
Dimension HxWxD 320x568x400 mm
  • Auto power cut to ensure safety
  • Designed with protective steel jacket and stainless steel chamber
  • Microprocessor controlled system with digital display to track Speed, time, RCF
  • Emergency lock for opening of lid during power failure
  • User can store 10 programs in memory and can set 10 different accelerating and decelerating speeds
  • Designed with high quality steel body and brushless DC motor

Low speed centrifuge is used in biomedical analysis, bio-organic analysis, immunoenzyme analysis.

Rotor Name Max. Speed (rpm) Max. Capacity (ml) Max. RCF (x g)
Swing rotor 4000 16 x 10/ 15 2150
Swing rotor 01 5000 4 x 50 4420
Swing rotor 02 5000 4 x 100 4420
Swing rotor 03 4000 4 x 6 x 10 2790
Swing rotor 04 4000 4 x 180 2580
Angle rotor 01 5000 24 x 15 3500
Angle rotor 02 5000 12 x 50 3860
Angle rotor 03 5000 6 x 100 3130
Angle rotor 04 5000 12 x 15 3080
Angle rotor 05 5000 6 x 50 2850
Angle rotor 06 5000 4 x 50 2520
Angle rotor 07 5000 4 x 100 2680

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