Freezing Point Tester LLTT-A11

Freezing Point Tester LLTT-A11

Freezing Point Tester LLTT-A11 is integrated with advanced temperature control technology. Capable of reaching temperatures as low as -70℃. Its freezing point ranges between -54℃ to 2℃. Boasts a stainless-steel construction with a double vacuum glass observation window. It complies with SH/T 0090 and ASTM D1177 standards for freezing point tests. It determines the freezing point temperature and can be configured to test various freezing point indices of jet fuel, engine coolant, and concentrated solutions.

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Freezing Point Range -54℃ to 2℃
Cold Bath Temperature Range -70℃ to 30℃
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1℃
Refrigerator System Imported Refrigerator Compressor
Heating Rate 350W
Stirring Type Mechanical
Adjustable Sample Stirring 60 to 80 r/min
Ambient Temperature 15 to 35 ℃
Relative Humidity ≤ 80%
Power Consumption 2000 W
Power Supply AC(220 ±10%)V, 50 Hz
Dimension 770mm×480mm×730mm
Weight 45kg
  • Dual functionality for measuring
  • Rapid cooling and precise temperature control
  • Easy operation with LCD
  • Durable plastic casing with full spraying
  • Floor stand structure
  • Automatic and Adjustable sample stirring
  • Automatic freezing point temperature judgment

Applications: The Freezing Point Tester is capable of testing the freezing points of a wide range of substances, making it suitable for diverse applications in industries such as aviation, automotive, and chemical manufacturing.

Accessories No. Accessories Name Unit Quantity
1 Main unit Set 1
2 Double wall cooling tube Piece 2
3 Single-wall test tube Piece 1
4 Test tube stopper Piece 2
5 Temperature sensor Piece 2
6 Stirrer Piece 2
7 Constant temperature bath cover Piece 3
8 Test tube holder Piece 1
9 O-shaped ring (Φ28×2.4) Piece 2
10 Disk (software backup) Piece 1

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