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Manual Microtome LMMT-A11

Manual Microtome LMMT-A11

Manual Microtome LMMT-A11 instrument has exceptional ergonomic properties that allow for pleasant use while retaining repeatable precision during sectioning, reducing cumulative user stress. The unit has quick and precise fine angle adjustment with specimen orientation at XY - 8°C. It's a trustworthy rotary microtome with critical safety, cost-effective sectioning, and workflow features. For maximum efficiency and productivity, the hand wheel is designed to glide smoothly, reducing hand tension.

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Sectioning Thickness Range (0 to 60 µm)
0 to 10 µmincrement 0.5 µm
10 to 20 µmincrement 2 µm
20 to 60 µmincrement 5 µm
Trimming Thickness Range 0 to 60 µm
Minimum Sectioning Thcikness 1 µm
Maximum Specimen Size 60×70 mm
Precision ±5%
Specimen Horizontal Stroke 29 mm
Specimen Vertical Stroke 60 mm
Specimen Orientation XY- 8°
External Dimension (W×D×H) 570×440×290 mm
Package Dimension (W×D×H) 620×530×450 mm
Gross Weight 40 Kg
  • Smooth running and conveniently positioned to reduce arm fatigue
  • Provides optimal tactile response
  • Specimen trimming feature speeds up productivity
  • Advanced high-precision micro-drive feed system enables stable and high-precision sectioning
  • Provides work flow flexibility
  • The precise positioning system not only easy to use, but also provides accurate X and Y axis adjustment
  • Fast switching between paraffin block clamp and cassette clamp
  • Imported guide rails for cross-rollers and high-precision screw motion mechanisms
  • Large-volume removable waste tray, easy to use on the top of the housing
  • Red bar on the blade holder covers the whole length of blade to protect the user and enables easy changing of the blade
  • Cassette clamp can be locked at any position along each of the three axes
  • Protects user from accidental exposure to the blade
  • Large and comfortably shaped for efficient removal of paraffin waste
  • Power base minimizes vibration during sectioning
  • Increases contrast between specimens and paraffin to show where the tissue is, to prevent cutting away a small biopsy
  • Accurate alignment of the block face to the blade, which is crucial for recuts

Manual microtomes are extensively used in Clinical fields, Research laboratories, Industrial laboratories, Pathology labs, Medical Institutions, Histology and Biology labs and many Medical science applications.

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Model Trimming Thickness Range Minimum Sectioning Thcikness Maximum Specimen Size Precision Specimen Horizontal Stroke Specimen Vertical Stroke Specimen Orientation External Dimension (W×D×H) Package Dimension (W×D×H) Gross Weight
LMMT-A10 0 to 60 µm 0.5 µm 50×70 mm ±5% 28 mm 52 mm XY- 8° 565×440×285 mm 620×530×450 mm 40 kg
LMMT-A11 0 to 60 µm 1 µm 60×70 mm ±5% 29 mm 60 mm XY- 8° 570×440×290 mm 620×530×450 mm 40 Kg
LMMT-A12 0 to 60 µm 1 µm 70×70 mm ±5% 28 mm 70 mm XY- 8° 590×500×330 mm 690×590×500 mm 54 Kg

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