Medical Autoclave LMA-C12

Medical Autoclave LMA-C12

Medical Autoclave LMA-C12 is a class N fractionated automated autoclave. Equipped with automatic water feeding and draining system for effective sterilization. Automatic door lock safety mode makes the operation safe for the user. Low level water indication helps to keep a check on water level for safe operation. Equipped with safety features like automatic shutoff preventing overload of current, auto protection against raised temperature and pressure making a reliable and user friendly device.

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Capacity 23 L
Sterilization Time 4 - 20 mins
Sterilization Temperature 121 °C / 134 °C
No. of Trays 2
Chamber Dimension ( Φ × D ) 250 × 490 mm
Overall Size ( L × W × H ) 480 × 690 × 430 mm
Input Power 1500 W
Net Weight 36.5 kg
Gross Weight 45.5 kg
Power Supply 220 ± 10 %,110 V,50 / 60 Hz,20 A
Minimum Desk Size 480 × 500 mm
  • Digital LCD display to monitor working status and parameters
  • Working temperature : 134 ℃
  • Automated drying function
  • Door lock feature : Door cannot be opened till the pressure inside the chamber doesn’t fall to 0.027 MPa
  • Self-inflating leak proof chamber
  • Safe door lock system ensuring safety / protection during sterilization
  • Automatic power cut off with alarm with low water levels indication
  • Stainless steel sterilizing shelves

This medical autoclave is widely used in sterilization of solid materials in medical, clinical, veterinary, microbiology, biotechnology and life science research.

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