Microwave Digestion System LMWD-B13

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Microwave Digestion System LMWD-B13

Microwave Digestion System LMWD-B13 is a self-vent and reseal structured unit with multi safety protection functions. The continuous rotating reduces impact on rotary motor which greatly extends the service life of rotor motor. TFM material for inner vessel and PEEK glass material for outer vessel prevents corrosion. Contact free temperature and pressure measurement avoids cross contamination.

Available Range :

Sample quantity : 18 per batch Sample quantity : 12 per batch Vessel Quantity : 10 Sample quantity : 40 per batch Power : 220 - 240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz  8 A Vessel Quantity : 6
Sample quantity 18 per batch
Chamber volume 100 ml
Rotation mode 360° continuous rotation
Microwave power 0 to 3000 W adjustable
Microwave frequency 2450 MHz
Pressure control range 0 to 10 MPa
Maximum working pressure 6 MPa
Pressure control accuracy 0.01 MPa
Outer vessel pressure limit 20 MPa
Temperature control range 50 to 400 °C
Maximum working temperature 250 °C
Temperature control accuracy ± 0.3 °C
Inner vessel temperature limit 300 °C
Microwave leak < 5 mW / cm5
Inner vessel material TFM
Outer vessel material PEEK + glass fiber
Explosion proof frame Polypropylene Glass Fiber
Temperature testing Contactless
Pressure testing Contactless
Display 8 inch touch screen
Power AC 220 V 16A , 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Dimension 640 x 630 x 590 mm
Weight 75 kgs
  • Reseals instantly when a sudden over pressurization occurs
  • Adopts multi-fiber to monitor pressure in a contactless way
  • All temperature and pressure data are displayed real time during the microwave run
  • Large storage capacity- can edit and store 255 programs
  • Uniform heat distribution by diffuser for sample digestion
  • Alarm sensor for detection of abnormal pressure and temperature
  • Real time pressure and temperature curve
  • Automatic calibration and troubleshooting
  • Vertical pressure release for safe operation
  • High strength double security door
  • Instrument fault monitoring alert
  • Instrument abnormal sound monitoring
  • Multiple safety protection functions including temperature and pressure control, explosion-proof security doors, lid-locking and real-time temperature

Used to dissolve compounds such as heavy metals, inorganic compounds, filters and sediments in food, textile, plastic, geology, metallurgy, coal, bio-pharmaceutical, petrochemical, environmental monitoring, wastewater treatment, battery manufacturing, cosmetics and other fields.