Rockwell hardness meter (motorized type) TRHM-B10

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Rockwell hardness meter (motorized type) TRHM-B10

Rockwell hardness meter (motorized type) TRHM-B10 with three kinds of measurement method, 7 steps of testing force meets the need of many kinds of hardness test requirements for users. Testing force in the hardness tester can be loaded, kept & unloaded automatically. The large LCD screen display the measuring data, hardness conversion values between Rockwell, brinell, Vickers scale. With unique inside structure, high measurement accuracy and reliable performance it finds application in metal & non-destructive material industry.

Available Range :

Test force : 612.5 N, 980 N, 1225 N Frequency (continually adjustable) : 10 Hz to1280 Hz + 0.01 % Preliminary test force : 98 N Preliminary test force : 98 N Test force : 9.8 N, 49 N, 98 N, 196 N, 294 N, 490 N Preliminary test force : 98 N
Preliminary test force 98 N
Total test force 588, 980, 1471 N
Brinell hardness test 306, 613, 1839 N
Vickers hardness test 294, 588, 980 N
Magnification of Microscope 37.575 x
Hardness indication Analogue display
Resolution 0.5 HR
Loading control Automatic
Maximum height of specimens 180 mm
Distance from Indenter’s center to outer wall 200 mm
Dimension of the machine 560 × 260 × 760 mm
Weight 90 kg
Power supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Large LCD screen display
  • Automatic loading control
  • Stainless steel weight selection control knob
  • Cone diamond indenter and 1.58 mm Steel ball indenter
  • Outside body with cast –iron material
  • RS232 interface
  • Connection to mini printer
  • Easy to use

Motorized type Rockwell hardness tester measures the hardness of the hard metals, carburizing steel sheets, quenching steels, hard cast irons, mild steels, chemically treated metals.