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Nucleic Acid Purification System LNAP-A40

Nucleic Acid Purification System LNAP-A40

Nucleic Acid Purification System LNAP-A40 adopts magnetic bead separation technology with consumable of 10 ml tube strips and magnetic rod’s tip. It is a benchtop unit comes with sample quantity of 24 and process volume of 200 to 10000 µl, offers lysis temperature ranges from ambient temperature to 120°C and elution temperature ranges from ambient temperature to 120°C. It is suitable to extract DNA, RNA in 30 to 60 minutes and for large sample size inspection unit. Built-in 7 inch touch screen display, exhaust fan and lighting LED lights to observe running status of the instrument in real time and intelligent operation with self-inspection and power protection function.

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Maximum Processing Volume 10 ml
Sample Quantity 24
Process Volume 200 to 10000 µl
Consumable 10 ml tube strips and magnetic rod’s tip
Throughput 1 to 24
Working Principle Magnetic beads method
Purification Accuracy 100 copy sample positive rate > 95 %
Stability CV < 5 %
Magnetic Beads Recycling Rate > 95 %
Lysis Temperature Ambient temperature to 120°C
Elution Temperature Ambient temperature to 120°C
Mixing Mixing ways can be editable
Operation Interface 7-inch touch screen, 3 shortcut buttons and mouse is available
Built-In Protocol 8 groups of pre-set protocols, 100 groups of protocols can be stored
Protocol Management New, Edit, Delete, Save as
Expansion Interface Standard USB, Ethernet port and WIFI are available
Lighting Yes
Exhaust Way By fan
Data Storage Available with built-in SD card
Maximum Input Power 300 W
Dimension 560×620×500 mm
Weight 54 kg
  • Adopts lead screw drive, diverse binding and magnetic absorption modes
  • Disposable consumables can eliminate the cross contamination between holes and batches
  • 7 inch color touch screen display for ease of monitoring various parameters
  • To quick stop front cover is opened, convenient for observation and reagent optimization
  • Space saving design with maximum sample size of 10 ml
  • Provides program editing, power protection and self-inspection function
  • Built in with drip proof plate and automatic identification 8-plate position design

Nucleic Acid Purification System is widely used in life sciences including biotechnology, microbiology, immunology, cell and molecular biology. It is suitable to use in extraction of DNA, RNA and nucleic acid.

Magnetic Tip Comb
24 x 14.6ml plate

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