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Optical Emission Spectrometer LOES-A10

Optical Emission Spectrometer LOES-A10

Optical Emission Spectrometer LOES-A10 Utilizes full-digital spark optical spectrum technology for efficient analysis. With a wavelength range of 165nm to 589nm, it provides a focal length of 400 nm. Features an optimized vacuum optical chamber design for enhanced performance. Incorporates an excitation light source and employs advanced CCD detectors for detailed detection capabilities. Boasts a high-speed data readout system for analysis. Offers ultra-low detection limits, with stability and repeatability.

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Optical System Focal Length 400nm
Wavelength Range 165nm to 589nm
Detector High-resolution CCD Multi detectors
Degree Of Vacuum Auto control within 6-20 pa
Measurable Elements Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Ti, Co, Zn, Sn, Mg, Pb etc
Pixel Resolution 30pm
Grating Line 2400m1/mm
First-Order Spectral Line 1.2nm/mm
Average Resolution Ratio 10 pm/pixel
Spark Source Type Digital arc and Spark source
Spark Frequency 100 to 1000HZ
Discharge Current 1 to 400A
Ignition Voltage >15000V
Processor High-speed data synchronization acquisition
Spark Stand Electrode Tungsten electrode technology
Design Thermal deformation self-compensation
Argon Quality 99.999%, Argon pressure>4Mpa
Argon Consumption 5L/min during spark mode
Storage Temperature 0℃ to 45℃
Operating Temperature 10℃ to 35℃, 23±2℃ is recommended
Humidity Range 20 to 80%
Power Consumption Spark:750W/Stand by:100W
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz
Dimension (L×W × H) 650 × 860 × 1200mm
Weight 235kg
  • Automatic lightroom temperature control
  • Spray discharge electrode technology
  • Adjustable electrode technology
  • Ethernet data transmission interface
  • High energy precombustion technology HEPS
  • Digital Inspire Illumination System
  • Optimizable discharge parameters design
  • Unique argon gas supply system
  • User-friendly visual analysis software

Optical Emission Spectrometer is ideal for quality control, material brand recognition, and R&D in the metallic manufacturing, processing, and smelting sectors.

No. Accessories QTY Unit
1 Optical Emission Spectrometer 1 Set
2 Business computer 1 Set
3 Printer 1 Set
4 Tungsten electrode 1 Pc
5 Electrode pressure spring 1 Pc
6 The electrode-fixed screw 2 Pcs
7 Electrode brush 2 Pcs
8 Lens holder sealing ring 2 Pcs
9 Lens holder sealing ring 1 Pc
10 Exhaust gas filter core 1 Pc
11 Degreasing cotton 15 G
12 Power socket 1 Pc
13 M2 Internal hexagonal wrench 1 Set
14 M4 Internal hexagonal wrench 1 Set
15 Long handle Phillips screwdriver 1 Pc
16 13-15 fixed wrench 1 Pc
17 Spark machine screw 4 Pcs
18 Fuse 2 Pcs
19 Argon gas pressure-reducing valve 1 Pc
20 Argon gas pipeline 2 M
21 Exhaust pipe 1 Pc
22 Gas bottle 2 Pcs
23 Print paper 1 Pc
24 Spectrometer manual 1 Set
25 1KV voltage stabilizer 1 Pc

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