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Fuel Oxidation Stability Tester LOST-E10

Fuel Oxidation Stability Tester LOST-E10

Fuel Oxidation Stability Tester LOST-E10 operates within a temperature range of 100℃ to 380℃. It regulates the level of oxygen exposure to the sample, accommodating a sample quantity of 600ml. Utilizes multi-advanced technology for automated testing. Operated via touch IPC for real-time monitoring of work and interface. Our stability tester offers user-defined setting parameters to meet specific production and research test requirements.

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Temperature Range 100℃ to 380℃
Temperature Accuracy ± 1℃
Pressure Range 0 to 340 mmHg
Pressure System 500psi
Pressure Accuracy ±50psi
Ambient Temperature 10℃ to 40℃
Relative Humidity <85%
Sample Quantity 600ml
Test Sample Jet fuel, Aviation turbine fuel
Cool Water Flow 38 ± 8L/H
Cool Water Pressure 0.1 to 0.4Mpa
Pressure Resolution 0.3 grade
Fuel Oil Flow 0.1mmHg
Standard 20 drops/9±1 second
Display Mode ASTM D3241
Controlling Mode Touch Screen
Power Supply Micro-computer
Dimension AC220V 50Hz
Weight 700 × 500 × 600 mm
  • Self-diagnosis fault alarming system
  • Features protection system
  • Micro Computer control method
  • Touch screen display
  • Data storage and printing functions available

Fuel Oxidation Stability Tester is utilized in various industries, primarily in the fields of petroleum, fuel, aviation, food, and pharmaceuticals, to assess the resistance of substances to oxidation.

Sample bottle (upper and lower components) × 1 Piece

Temperature sensor × 1 Piece
Sample cup × 1 Piece
Electric igniter × 2 Pieces
Heating tube × 1 Piece
Filter × 1 Piece
Filtering sieve × 5 Pieces
O - ring × 10 Pieces
Color chart × 1 Piece

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