Ozone Test Chamber LOC-A13

Ozone Test Chamber LOC-A13

Ozone Test Chamber LOC-A13 is specifically designed to detect the concentration of ozone with the help of ozone detector. Along with low maintenance and noiseless generator this machine has a well-built corrosion resistant body.

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Diameter of holder (mm) 700
Length of each side (mm) 350
Temperature range 0℃ ~ 100℃
Humidity range 30 % - 98 % R.H
Temperature fluctuation ± 0.5 ℃
Speed rate for cooling Ambient ~ 0 ℃ within 20 min
Timing range 0 ~ 999 hours
Ozone concentration 1 ~ 1000PPHM
Sample holder rotate speed 0 ~ 10 r/min (adjustable)
Clamps tensile stretch 5 % ~ 35 %
Max. ozone concentration 120 g O3/m³
Ozone output 3.5 g O3/h (oxygen input, flow rate 100L/h)
Nominal power 9000 W
Internal dimensions 800 × 1000 × 1000 mm
Overall dimensions (mm) 1280 × 1550 × 2110 mm
Power & voltage AC 380 V 50Hz
  • Use this static and dynamic combined sample holders PID programmable controller with LED touch screen display Equipped with UV detector to detect the concentration of ozone Designed with combination of three control systems- PLC, HMI and SOC Incorporated with protection module for safety voltage Solid and durable structured closed-type compressor unit User-friendly and reliable Stable and require low maintenance Consists of highly efficient low noise ozone generator Made up of corrosion resistant stainless steel body

Applied to various industries such as automobile, rubber & plastics, packaging, medical equipment, colleges and universities, research laboratories etc.

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