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Paper Moisture Meter LPMM-A10

Paper Moisture Meter LPMM-A10

Paper Moisture Meter LPMM-A10 works with advanced contact sensor technology to ensure accurate and precise moisture measurements. It typically has a wide moisture measuring range such as 0 to 50% (Cd08), 0 to 18% (Cd10), 0 to 100% (Cd11), and 0 to 40% (Cd12), accommodating the varying moisture levels found in different types. Capable of storing up to 240 sets of measurements, providing a comprehensive record of moisture levels. Its compact and portable nature allows for easy on-site measurements.

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Measuring Range 0 to 50% (Cd08), 0 to 18% (Cd10), 0 to 100% (Cd11), 0 to 40% (Cd12).
Sensor Type Contact Type
Accuracy ± (0.5%n+1)
Resolution 0.1
Display LCD
LED Indicator Green LED represents a safe, air-dry state
Yellow LED represents a borderline state
Red LED represents a damp state
Statistics Values Last value / Mean value / Max. value / Min. value / Number of Readings
Memory 240 groups
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Operating Humidity < 90%RH
Power Supply 4 × 1.5V AAA (UM-4) Battery
Sensor Dimension 265 × 44 × 44 mm
Length of Electrode 77mm
Cross-Section Size of Electrode 14 × 1mm
Gap between 2 electrodes 4mm
Dimension 150 × 65 × 30mm
Weight 280 g
  • Facilitates communication with a PC computer for statistical analysis
  • Prints via either a USB cable or a Bluetooth adapter
  • Features an automatic power-off function
  • Integrates digital display for easy reading without error
  • Color-coded LED light to indicate the moisture condition of the material
  • Constructed with durable material

It measures and analyzes the moisture content present in paper and cardboard materials. It plays a crucial role in various industries, including printing, packaging, and paper manufacturing.

Main Unit

Carrying Case(B04)
Operation Manual

USB Data Cable with Software

Bluetooth Data Adapter with Software

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