Pulp beating (refining) freeness tester TP-C10

Pulp beating (refining) freeness tester TP-C10

Pulp beating (refining) freeness tester TP-C10 is used to measure the rate of dilution of pulp suspended water materials and to determine de-watering time. It is adopted with spring pre-tightening mechanism keeps the rubber sealing ring of the sealing hammer body in contact with the bottom of the water filtering tube. This increases the sealing performance of the sealing hammer body.

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Measurement range 0 to 100° SR
Sealed testing speed 100 ± 10 mm/s
Volume of distilled water 1000 ± 5 ml
Draining time 149 ± 1 s
Residual water volume 7.85 to 8 ml
Hydraulic pressure >0.3 MPa
Dimension 450×250×1100 mm
Net Weight 40 kg
  • Use of Schopper-Riegler test method for designing
  • Adopted with spring pre-tightening mechanism
  • Measurement range 0 to 100° SR
  • Equipped with manual compression seal cone
  • Simple user–friendly operations

Pulp beating freeness tester has applications in pulp & paper industry, packaging industry.

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