Labtron Photoreactors are engineered with advanced technology to conduct photo redox-catalyzed reactions with consistency and reproducibility. They consist of a light source and an effective cooling system to maintain reaction stability. These are equipped with user-defined controls like temperature, light intensity, and stirring speed. Their design includes a double-layer quartz cover to safeguard the light source during photolysis. Our high-performance Photoreactors are suitable for sustainable energy applications in laboratories and industries.

Photoreactor : Photocatalytic reactor LPR-A10

Photocatalytic reactor LPR-A10

Quartz test tube : Volume: 30 mL, 50 mL (customized)

Photoreactor : Photocatalytic Reactor LPR-A11
Photocatalytic Reactor LPR-A11

Light Source : Long Arc Xenon Lamp

Wavelength Range : 320 to 2500 nm

Cooling Capacity : 300 W

Control System : Ultraviolet Lamp

Photocatalytic reactor : Labtron Photocatalytic Reactors undergo effective photolysis reactions with a cooling capacity of over 1000 W. They can process 8 samples at once and function within a temperature range of -20 to 100 °C. These are microcomputer controllers, that feature a double layer of quartz with versatile light sources, a magnetic stirrer, and a temperature sensor. The reactor is equipped with all safety measures for smooth operation. Our Photocatalytic Reactors are widely used in R&D, educational institutes, industries, and other such places.
Photocatalytic reactor LPR-A10, Photocatalytic Reactor LPR-A11, and more.

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