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Pipette Tip Box PTB100L

Pipette Tip Box PTB100L

Pipette Tip Box PTB100L is an essential laboratory accessory required for effective handling, storage, and disposal of pipette tips. It has pipette tip volume of 200 µL and has pack size of 96 holes. Micro Tip Box is designed with sustainability in mind as it can be reused and significantly reduce plastic waste. Vented racks allow autoclaving of the pipette tips, ensuring that they are sterilized and free from contaminants.

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Pipette tip volume 200 µL
Pack size 96 holes
Color Green
Autoclavable Yes
  • Micro Pipette tip box is durable and resistant to chemicals
  • Autoclavable nature ensures decontamination of micropipette tips
  • Special design for meeting requirements of various laboratories settings
  • Lids for protection against dust and contaminants
  • Suitable for sterility-based experiments in microbiology and molecular biology fields
  • Compatible with specific brands and models of pipettes to ensure a proper fit
  • Pipette tips can be autoclaved in vented racks to guarantee sterilization
  • Reusable nature helps in reducing plastic waste
  • Environment friendly rack enhances sustainability

Pipette Tip Box is a versatile lab accessory designed to improve the efficiency, organization, and sustainability of micro pipette tip usage in laboratories.

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