Plasma Autoclave LPA-B30

Plasma Autoclave LPA-B30

Plasma Autoclave LPA-B30 is a H2O2 plasma sterilizer with microprocessor PLC controlled system, fully automated process with 60 L volume capacity. This Class II medical equipment offers manual door opening vertical type, rectangular chamber design. Chamber is made up of anti-corrosion type 5052 aluminum alloy with thickness ≥ 8mm, and is adopted with excellent thermal conductivity, to ensure 100% maintenance of gaseous hydrogen peroxide. Equipped with high and low temperature alarm system, pressure and temperature sensors, H2O2 resistant rotary vane vacuum pump for quality performance.

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Chamber Volume 60 L
Sterilization temperature 50 ± 5°C
Working pressure -50 Pa
Sterilizing agent 60 % (H2O2) hydrogen peroxide
Sterilizing time 45 to 50 min
Installation environment temperature 5 to 45°C
Vacuum speed Absorb to – 50 Pa in five minutes
High anti-pressure valve 10 Pa
Door type Manual door opening, vertical
Operation height (for chamber design) ≤ 160 cm
Chamber material Anti-corrosion type 5052 aluminum alloy, thickness ≥ 8mm
Chamber temperature heating power 3.8 kW, preheating heating time ≤ 30min
Electrode material Aluminum alloy material 5052, sheet metal forming, thickness ≥ 2mm
Sealing door material Aluminum alloy material 5052, thickness ≥ 15mm
Carton material Carbon steel baking plastic powder and ABS
Main insulation ≥ 20mm rubber sponge, with a low thermal conductivity
Storage U disk capacity ≥ 8 G
Air filter accuracy ≤ 0.2 µm
Chamber dimension (L×W×H) 610 × 350 × 320 mm
Packaging dimension (L×W×H) 920 × 670 × 1450 mm
Power 2.6 kW
Power supply AC220 V, 50 Hz
Gross weight 270 kg
  • 7 inch touch screen LCD display
  • Microprocessor PLC controlled system with fully automatic control system
  • Manual door open mode, vertical type
  • Built-in pressure sensor using imported sensor, automatic detection of chamber pressure
  • Built-in temperature sensor automatically detects the temperature inside the cavity
  • Built-In thermal printer to record & print real-time test data
  • Exhaust oil mist filtration system
  • High strength H2O2 resistant rotary vane vacuum pump
  • USB interface to download and collect data by connecting it to PC
  • Four universal wheel plus leveling foot design for easy movement and fixation of unit
  • Use of explosion-proof flame retardant heating system
  • Adapted with anti-explosion and fire resistance heating system, non-toxic environmental protection
  • Large storage capacity: Disk capacity ≥ 8G
  • Manual setting for different sterilization programs
  • Use friendly appearance

Used in the hospital, pharmaceutical factory, lab, medical institutions for low temperature sterilization of heat sensitive materials.

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