Portable Autoclave LPOA-A16

Portable Autoclave LPOA-A16

Portable autoclave LPOA-A16 is a 24 L electric heated top loading high pressure steam sterilizing unit with a sterilizing temperature of 126 °C. It is a Class N autoclave with complete leak proof chamber and a timer range of 0 ~ 60 min providing efficient sterilization process resulting in destruction of all living organisms. The lid of the instrument is a hand wheel, making is easy to use rather than the conventional knobs.

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Volume of Chamber 24 L
Working temperature 126 ℃
Heating mode Electrically heated
Timer range 0 ~ 60 min
Working pressure 0.14 ~ 0.16 MPa
Max safety pressure 0.165 MPa
Heat average ≤ ± 1℃
Temp adjustment 105 ~ 126 ℃
Power AC 220 V / 50 Hz
Overall Dimension 410 × 410 × 630 mm
Net Weight 18 Kg
Gross Weight 20 Kg
  • Working temperature : 126 ℃
  • Overheating and pressure warning indicator
  • Digital display for working status with touch type screen
  • Indicator light to indicate the working
  • Automatic beep indication at the end of every cycle
  • Low water level indicator automation
  • Stainless steel sterilizing baskets
  • Reliable and safe self-inflating leak proof chamber
  • Dual scale indicating pressure gauge
  • Inner and outer chamber constructed by Stainless steel
  • Electric heated

Used in industries to sterilize equipment, bacteriological and research laboratories, medical, clinical and pharmaceutical industries

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