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Powder Flowability Tester LPFL-A10

Powder Flowability Tester LPFL-A10

Powder Flowability Tester LPFL-A10 is the device suitable for the routine measurement of the angle of repose of non-agglomerated powder or granular surfactants and washing powders, as well as other powders and particles with similar properties. The base angle of the cone obtained when the material flows under the specified conditions is called the angle of repose. The angle of repose, the difference in loading, etc. should be used as indicators for screening. In the process research of drugs (tablets, granules, etc.).

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Disc Diameter 100 mm
Funnel Outer Diameter Outer diameter 155 mm
Funnel Inner Diameter 145 mm
Test Sample Surfactant Powder and Particles, non-agglomerated powder
Angle of Repose 30° (recommended)
Body Material High Quality Stainless Steel
Funnel Type Glass Fiber Funnel
  • Designed with conical slope of the pile and the horizontal angle during loose accumulation
  • It reflects the degree of particle friction or particle group fluidity
  • Offers 100 mm disc diameter
  • Funnel content outer diameter 155 mm and inner diameter 145 mm

Powder Flowability Tester is used in the detection of related powders and granular materials in pharmaceuticals, industrial chemistry, washing, scientific research institutions, quality inspection institutions, etc.; it can provide changes in powder storage properties, especially in storage conditions.

Available Range :

Disc : Diameter 100 mm

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