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No rotor rheometer TNRR-A10

No rotor rheometer TNRR-A10

TNRR-A10 is a No rotor rheometer where rubber sample is enclosed in mold cavity, maintained at test temperature. The mold cavity comes in two parts, where lower part (swing oscillations) determines strain as the reaction torque of the mold cavity (force). The PID controlled microprocessor technology controls and detects change in temperature. LCD screen display the real vulcanization curve and temperature curve, adjust the test data, store test results.

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Temperature tester Room temperature to 200°C
Temperature display resolution 0.1°C
Temperature control accuracy ≤ ± 0.3°C
Rotor speed 100 times/ min
Die cavity frequency 1.7 Hz
Sway angle ± 0.5°, ± 1°, ± 3°
Air compression 0.5 MPa to 0.65 MPa
Ambient temperature 0 to 35°C
Test result Printed date, time, temperature, vulcanization curve, temperature curve ML, MH, ts1, ts2, t10, t50, Vc1, Vc2
Display Windows 7 + software
Torque range 0 to 5 NM, 0 to 10 NM, 0 to 20 NM
Torque resolution 0.001 NM
Product dimension 1310 × 560 × 620 mm
Weight 250 kg
Power supply Single phase, 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz
  • PID controlled microprocessor technology LCD Display
  • Use of highly imported precision sensors
  • Statistics, analysis, storage and comparison functions
  • Can print automatic processing, calculations results
  • Non curing viscometer monolithic rotor controlled
  • User-friendly design appearance, easy to operate
  • Supplied with data acquisition system
  • Finds the vulcanization time for gelatin

No rotor rheometer is used to test vulcanization characteristics of rubber material across rubber industry for quality & research.

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