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Sand Bath LDSB-A10

Sand Bath LDSB-A10 is a benchtop sand bath configured with high-precision meter control that works within a temperature range of RT to 400 °C for the drying and distillation process. Improved with high-quality steel plate to ensure safety and ease of cleaning. Designed with a closed-work heating plate that heats quickly, safely, and reliably without using an open flame. All parameters are shown on a digital display with excellent illumination features.

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Work Temperature RT to 400℃
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Power Comsumption 2.5kw
Top Plate Size 135 mm × 135 mm
Working Area Size 254 × 381 × 100 mm
Dimension (L × W × H) 440 × 340 × 280 mm
Weight 15 kg
  • Shell consists of high-quality steel plate
  • Interior is fitted with heaters and mineral wool for insulation
  • Surface is electrostatic sprayed, and the overall design is novel
  • Various heating temperatures can be controlled by high-precision meter
  • A closed work heating plate that doesn't have an open flame heats up quickly and safely

Sand bath is widely used in drying, concentration, distillation, and impregnation with chemical reagents, drugs, and biological products. They are particularly suitable for heating easy-overflow and inflammable materials and are also used for testing activities in laboratories.

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