Scintillation Counter

Labtron Scintillation Counter manufactures both crystal and liquid scintillation material to emit scintillation. They can detect various types of radiation such as alpha, beta, gamma, and X-rays. With automated calibration features, the counter ensures accurate and reliable radiation detection. They are also available in portable, battery-operated models for field use. Our Scintillation Counter offers real-time digital data output and user-friendly software for analysis.

Scintillation Counter : Liquid Scintillation Counter LSCL-A10

Liquid Scintillation Counter LSCL-A10

Type : Portable

Capacity : 25 tubes

Temperature range : 5 to 30°C(rated)

Ambient temperature : 20±5°C

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Liquid Scintillation Counter

Liquid Scintillation Counter : Labtron Liquid Scintillation Counter features dual-position machine control for separate sample handling and measurement. They offer versatile modes like count, DPM measurement, and Quenched sample measurement with quench correction. They have a spectrum analyzer to identify various types of radiation. Our Liquid Scintillation Counter have high sample capacity and strong data processing capabilities.
Liquid Scintillation Counter LSCL-A10, and more.

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