Single Automated Stainer-Hematology LSAS-A10H

Single Automated Stainer-Hematology LSAS-A10H

Single Automated Stainer-Hematology LSAS-A10H has an automatic cleaning function, which ensures that the nozzle and valve are in good working order. A maximum of 20 slides can be stained per cycle, which takes 7 - 11 minutes to complete and uses 1.2 to 1.8 ml of reagent per slide. The innovative stainer has an advanced function, and the inside temperatures can be monitored and verified in real time by the display on the panel.

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Slide Tray Capacity 1 to 10 slides(1 to 20 slides by adding Optional Tray)
Clearance Height Lid Open: 565 mm
Tray Rotation Speed Approx. 6 rpm (stain mode) / Approx. 300 rpm (dry mode)
Used Reagent Wright-Giemsa Reagent
Wright Reagent
MGG Reagent
Phosphate Buffer
Reagent Consumption 1.2 ml to 1.8 ml
Operating Control 6 mode key (stain, prime, clean, dry, reset, slide up/down)
1 Cycle Stain Time 10 slides : 7 minutes (wright)
20 slides: 11 minutes (wright
Display LCD
Staining Process Stain, Prime, Clean, Dry, Reset, Slide up/down
Optional Accessories   Additional slide for 10 slides
Drain Connection Nipple on rear Panel
Power Max.50W
Power Supply AC100 to 240V /50 to 60 Hz(Auto selection)
Dimension (WxDxH) 480x 445x265 mm
Weight 20 kg
  • Innovative and compact design
  • Automated gram stainer is capable of uniformly staining up to 10 slides (optional 20 slides and optional tray available) in a matter of minutes
  • The device comes with a self-contained and more convenient staining reagent kits
  • Staining is controlled with a microprocessor built with advanced software for flexibility in stain application
  • Offers high-quality and excellent adhesive, features microscopic slides for longer adhesion of sample without any cross-contamination
  • The front operative panel provides easy regulation and adjustment for rapid loading with the carousel button
  • Provides automatic cleaning system for easy and maintenance free for tray cleaning
  • Prevents falling of the sample slides by fixing slides horizontally inside the automated stain chamber
  • Avoids excess use of reagent by allowing the reagent to get along the plastic tubing through the carousel inside the chamber with total reagent consumption of 1.2 to 1.8 ml per slide
  • The unit comes with six functional key controls including Stain, Prime, Clean, Dry, Reset, Up & Down stains for quick and manual free staining
  • The unit is prompt with easy 7 to 8 steps processing
  • An automatic stainer allows stain time for a single cycle of 7 to 11 minutes, which can be varied by a timer

The Automated Gram Stainer is vastly used in positive and negative gram staining in R&D, microbiological and clinical diagnostic applications.

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