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Solid Phase Extraction Machine LSPM-A10

Solid Phase Extraction Machine LSPM-A10

Solid Phase Extraction Machine LSPM-A10 is designed to process 24 samples, provided with an individual flow control valves for each sample. Equipped with an advanced oil-free vacuum pump to facilitate automated sampling and to handle negative pressure in high volumes. Boasts a double-layer gasket, for rapid and reliable extraction. It uses integrated molded quartz glass vacuum tank for anti-atomization and high transparency during operation.

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Flow Control Valve Only 24
Channel Specifications 24 Positions
Gas Control Mode Independent control
Vacuum Degree 0 to 0.098 Mpa
Flow Guide Needle Only 24
Waste Liquid Trough One
Dimensions 260 × 75 × 155 mm / 300 × 100 × 170 mm
Weight 10 Kg
  • Built-in waste tank for waste disposal
  • Adjustable rack
  • Adjustable valve
  • Enhanced vacuum regulation
  • Integrates a guide column

Solid Phase Extraction Machine is used in pharmaceutical, clinical, forensic, environmental, and agrochemical industries for analyzing pharmaceutical compounds and metabolites in biological fluids.

Accessories Name Capacity Negative Pressure No-load Flow Noise
Oil-free vacuum pump 10L 0 to 0.08 Mpa 0 to 10 L /min < 45 dB

Small column rotating joint mass sampler
Solid phase extraction small column

Cartridges Name Type Volume
SPE cartridges HLB 30 mg/1 mL
HLB 60mg/3mL
C18 25mg/1mL
C18 100mg/3mL
C8 25mg/1mL
C8 25mg/1mL

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