Stroboscope LSBS-A14

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Stroboscope LSBS-A14

Stroboscope LSBS-A14 is handheld unit with 50 to 2000 FPM range, measures the rotational speed of a rotating object, also it inspects the defect on the surface of a rotating/vibrating object without the need to adhere any mark to reflect the light. Features direct results which visibly and that can be read shown LCD screen and exact reading with no guessing or errors. It has flash tube life for up to 100 million time.

Available Range :

Display : LCD Display : LCD Display : LCD Display : LCD Display : LCD
Display LCD
Range 50 to 2,000 FPM(fit print and textile)
Resolution 0.1 FPM (50 to 999.0 FPM)
Accuracy ± (0.05 %n + 1d)
Sampling Time 0.3 Seconds(Internal /External Triggering Conversion)
External trigger level 3 to 24 V
H/L Range Flashing Light is much brighter at low range that at high range with × 2, ÷ 2 buttons for Fast Checking
Flash Tube Life 100 million times
Temperature 0 to 40 °C
Humidity <85% RH
Power Supply AC 220 V (Optional AV 110 V)
Power Consumption About 50 W
Dimension 215 × 85 × 180 mm
Weight About 1000 g
  • Internal/ External Triggering, and x2 and ÷2 buttons to speed up conversion
  • LCD screen and exact reading with no guessing or errors
  • Deals with wide measuring range at high resolution
  • Automatic stop flashing to save electricity
  • Use photoelectric signal while external triggering
  • Accomplish automatic tracking function of the design
  • Used in microcomputer technology, emerging technologies, anti-jamming technique and other advanced technology
  • Measure the rotational velocity without contacting the object

Stroboscope has application in providing image of single or multiple stillness for the vibration object, rapidly rolling object or a periodic motion object, and can also use to observe the movement tracks.

Carrying Case

Square Flashing Tube
Rechargeable battery