Tabletop Autoclave LTTA-C10

Tabletop Autoclave LTTA-C10

Tabletop Autoclave LTTA-C10 is a compact automatic unit, that provides a chamber capacity of 20 liters. It offers a sterilization temperature range of 105 to 134°C, for efficient sterilization. Features steam-water inner circulation system with no steam discharge. Enhanced with automatic over-temperature and pressure protection for safety use.

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Capacity 20 L
Sterilization Temperature 134°C
Temperature Range 105 to 134°C
Pressure 0.22 Mpa
Sterilizing Baskets 3
Timer Range 0 to 60 min
Heat Average ≤ ±1°C
Sterilization Time 4 to 6 min
Power Supply 1.5 kW/AC 220 V 50 Hz (AC 110 V 60 Hz)
Sterilizing baskets Dimension (L×W×H) 340×200×30 mm
Chamber Dimension (Φ×D) 250×420 mm
Packaging Dimension (L×W×H) 700×580×500 mm
Net Weight 40 kg
Gross Weight 44 kg
  • Structured with stainless steel
  • Automatic exhaustion of cool air
  • Automatic shutdown with a reminder beep after sterilization
  • Safe protection for water lacking
  • Knob control with indicator lights
  • Ensures a clean and dry environment for sterilization
  • Allow user to preset sterilizing temperature and time
  • High-efficient and durable

Tabletop Autoclaves are used extensively to sterilize surgical equipment, laboratory instruments, pharmaceutical items, and other materials.

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Table Top Autoclave : Labtron Tabletop Autoclave features versatile chamber sizes to accommodate various types of instruments. They are constructed from high-quality stainless steel. They reach an ideal sterilization temperature of 134°C and a pressure of 0.22 Mpa, ensuring thorough sterilization. They include automatic safety locks, pressure release valves, water-saving systems, and precise temperature controls suitable for small clinics and labs. Our space-saving table top autoclave cuts costs with low power consumption without sacrificing performance.
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