Tube Furnace LTF-B14

Tube Furnace LTF-B14

Tube Furnace LTF-B14 is a standard type of tube furnace comprised with 1200°C continuous working temperature, offers 660 mm length tube with 38 mm diameter, 450 mm heated zone with 1 to 20°C/min of thermal rate. Incorporated with software based PID control and 4 lines LCD display, it offers 4 step heating program with 2 preset program. Designed ergonomically with K-type thermocouple and thermal shock resistant tubes, it has dual shell housing and durable inside lining of light insulating bricks with gas inlet and evacuation system option for protective atmosphere.

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Type Standard
Program memories 2
Heating program 4 steps
Working temperature 1200°C
Tube length 660 mm
Tube diameter 38 mm
Heated zone 450 mm
Thermal rate 1 to 20°C/min
Homogeneous Hot Zone 150 mm at ±10°C
Thermocouple K-type
Heating element Fe-Cr-Al
Inner insulation material Ceramic-fibre blanket
Housing Steel sheet with epoxy powder coating
Display 4 lines
Maximum current 7A
Power 1350 W
Dimension (W×D×H) 634×369×464 mm
Net weight 27 kg
Packaging dimension (W×D×H) 675×415×623 mm
Gross weight 35 kg
  • Standard type of tube furnace with 1200°C continuous working temperature
  • Tube furnace design offers 450 mm of heated zone with 1 to 20°C/min of thermal rate
  • Software based PID control with 4 lines LCD display, ensures precision and reliability
  • Ergonomic design with step heating program and custom preset programs
  • K-type thermocouple and thermal shock resistant tubes
  • Dual shell housing and durable inside lining of light insulating bricks
  • Gas inlet and evacuation system option for protective atmosphere
  • High-efficient, precise, stable and reliable with easy and convenient operation

Tube furnace is used for purification, coating, drying, hardening or ageing of samples, for annealing, brazing, calcination, degassing, sintering, soldering, sublimation, synthesis, and tempering, thermocouple calibration, in the testing of fuel cells, or in catalyst research.

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