Vacuum Spin Coater

Labtron Vacuum Spin Coater is a compact benchtop unit that creates high-quality, ultra-thin, uniform films. They feature variable spinning speeds and five programmable control sets to achieve the desired film thinness. The user-friendly front panel simplifies their setup and operation. They are equipped with a brushless DC motor. Their spin head actuator ensures smooth operation with minimal maintenance. Our Vacuum Spin Coater is ideal for use in research laboratories with well-controlled spin process parameters.

Vacuum Spin Coater LVSC-A10

Vacuum Spin Coater LVSC-A10

Maximum wafer diameter : 4 inch

Speed adjustable range : 100 to 10000 rpm adjustable

Acceleration range : 100 to 10000 rpm/s

Speed acceleration : 0.54166666666667

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Vacuum Spin Coater FAQ's
  • Spin coating is a method of quickly applying a uniform layer of a thin film onto a substrate. By dispensing a coating material on a rotating substrate, a thin film is created.

  • Vacuum creates a low pressure environment which aids in the elimination of air bubbles and hence ensures uniform deposition of the thin film. It also provides you with precision control over film thickness when you are using complex substrates for coating. The vacuum surroundings also reduce contamination, thereby enhancing the adhesion of deposited films.

  • You should always make sure that the choice of your substrate has compatibility with your coating material to ensure uniform adhesion between them.

  • Thin films of various materials such as Polymers (Both Conducting and Insulating polymers, Photoresists), Metals (Gold, Aluminium, Platinum), Oxides (Silicon, Titanium, Zinc oxides), Semiconductors (Sillicon, Gallium Arsenide, Cadmium Sulfide), Dielectrics (Alumina, Hafnium oxide), Organic dyes, Nanomaterials (Carbon nanotubes, Graphene, Quantum dots) and Functional coatings (Hydrophilic/ Hydrophobic Coating, Anti-Reflective Coating) can be spin coated unto a substrate.

  • It was primarily used in semiconductor manufacturing industry and research laboratories to create a thin film on a given substrate. But this technique has extended its arms to modern arenas like Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), Nanotechnology etc.

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Vacuum Spin Coater :
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