Vortex Mixer LVOM-B10

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Vortex Mixer LVOM-B10

Vortex Mixer LVOM-B10 is a compact model which allows gentle mixing of samples at fixed speed. It has circling/ orbital operation mode which provides uniform mixing producing low noise with minimal vibration. It is an ideal instrument for mixing liquid components in tubes, flasks, resuspension of cells.

Available Range :

Shaking Mode : Orbital Speed : Adjustable Shaking Mode : Circumferential Speed : Fixed Speed Range : 300 to 3000 rpm Speed : Fixed
Speed Fixed
Speed Range 2500 rpm
Operation mode Continuous/touch operation
Circling Diameter 4 mm
Permissible moisture 0.8
Ambient Temperature 5-40 ℃
Protective Class IP21
Voltage AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Output Power 60 W
External Dimension 127×160×130 mm
Packing Dimension 250×230×200 mm
Weight 3 kg
  • Fixed speed
  • Compact, easy to operate
  • High performance
  • Low noise AC motor
  • Continuous / inching mode available

Vortex mixer are used to vortex cell suspension, tissue culture mixing in tubes, flasks, small containers etc.