White Blood Cell Analyzer

Labtron White Blood Cell Analyzer provides reliable results from minimal sample volume using pattern recognition algorithms. They utilize micro-cuvette technology and microfluidic chips to test capillary or venous blood. These are easy to transport and operate in various environments without fixed power input. Featuring a user-friendly interface, they enable easy Bluetooth printing. Our White Blood Cell Analyzer processes data rapidly, making it ideal for clinical diagnostics, point-of-care testing, and biomedical research.

White Blood Cell Analyzer LWBC-A10

White Blood Cell Analyzer LWBC-A10

Measuring principle : Microfluidic + Optical detection

Sample type : Capillary or venous whole blood

Sample volume : 10 µL

Parameters : WBC, MON, NEU, EOS, LYM, BAS

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White Blood Cell Analyzer

White Blood Cell Analyzer FAQ's
  • Labtron’s White Blood Cell Analyser is a unique point-of-care testing system for the detection of white blood cell count. Based on our proven and reliable micro cuvette technology and ease of use, quality results are obtained within minutes, making the system optimal for primary care settings. It streamlines the process from assessment to treatment, by providing on the spot measurement at the point-of-care.

  • Our WBC system can detect and measure the total WBC count and the differential count of various WBC such as Granulocytes (Eosinophil, Basophil, Neutrophil), Monocytes, and Lymphocytes.

  • WBCs are cells are present in the blood and the lymphatic system and protect the body against infections. They play a crucial role in body’s immune system and also have important parts to play during inflammation, allergies, and protection against cancer. Analysis of their count in our body gives an idea of the prevailing healthy or diseased conditions.

  • Our products are incorporated with Lab-on-a-Chip design and optical detection facilities. Lab-on-a-Chip technology integrates one or many laboratory functions onto micro channels.

  • Yes, multiple power connection options of USB, Micro USB, and DC are available.

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White Blood Cell Analyzer :
White Blood Cell Analyzer LWBC-A10, and more.

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