Wind Meter (Anemometer) LWND-A10

Wind Meter (Anemometer) LWND-A10

Wind Meter (Anemometer) LWND-A10 is a multi-functional device used to measure air velocity, wind speed and temperature. Features hold function, storage capacity, power saving mode, Bluetooth option etc. which makes it perfect for outdoor and indoor measurements. It is used in weather forecast, fire department, refrigeration industry and many more places.

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Air Velocity
Range Options 0.4 to 45.0 m/s ( meters/sec ) 1.4 to 162.0 km/h ( kilo-meters/hour ) 0 to 8860 ft/min ( feet/minute ) 0.8 to 88.0 knots ( nautical MPH )
Resolution 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Accuracy ± (2%n+0.1 m/s) ± (2%n+0.1 km/h) ± (2%n+1ft/min) ± (2%n+0.1 nots)
Air Flow
Range Options 0 to 9999 cubic meters/min 0 to 9999 cubic ft/min
Resolution 0.001 to 1 0.001 to 1
Accuracy ± (2%n+1 m³/min) ± (2%n+1 ft³/min)
Beaufort Scale Range: 0 to 12
Resolution: 0.1
Accuracy: ± 0.5
Wave Height Range: 0 to 14
Resolution: 0.1
Accuracy: ± 0.1
Air Temperature
Range Options 32 to 140°F 0 to 60°C
Resolution 0.1°F 0.1°C
Accuracy 0.9°F 0.5°C
Packaging Dimension 156×67×28 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
  • Measures air velocity, wind speed and temperature
  • Low-friction ball bearing design for free vane movement
  • Options to select desired measurement units
  • Hold function to display maximum value for longer time
  • Stores 24 groups of data
  • Auto-power off if device un-used for more than 9 min
  • RS-232 connection available
  • Bluetooth function to transfer data
  • Light weight and user friendly interface
  • LCD screen with backlight to view and pre-set values
  • AAA battery must be purchased for this device

It is used Laboratory, several manufacturing units, environmental research organizations etc.

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Wind Meter (Anemometer) LWND-A10 FAQ's
  • Anemometer LWND-A10 has a low-friction ball bearing design for free vane movement. It has a hold function to display maximum value for longer time, an auto-power-off function if the device is not used for 9 minutes and provided with a Bluetooth function.

  • Bluetooth function in the Anemometer LWND-A10 offers a variety of functions such as remote monitoring, transmitting data wirelessly to a paired device where it can be logged and analyzed by using dedicated software applications. It generates a report and makes decisions based on the collected data.

  • The hold function in the Anemometer LWND-A10 is used to freeze the display of the current measurement temporarily when it is challenging to read the display in real time or when you need to record a measurement without needing to read it immediately.

  • The airflow in Anemometer LWND-A10 ranges from 0 to 9999 cubic meters/min, 0 to 9999 cubic feet/min and the air velocity ranges from 0.4 to 4.5 meters/sec, 1.4 to 162 kilometers/min, 0 to 8860feet/min.

  • The different types of Anemometers are cup anemometers, vane anemometers, hot-wire anemometer, sonic anemometers and laser Doppler anemometers, portable anemometers, pocket anemometer, fixed anemometers. Each Anemometer has a unique function in measuring the wind direction and speed.

  • Anemometers are used in various fields to understand airflow patterns, predict weather conditions, ensure safety in industries such as aviation and construction, and optimize ventilation systems.

  • Anemometer gives stability test, response time, linearity test, directional sensitivity, temperature and humidity and field testing.

  • Anemometer has a digital or analog display, data logging, calibration, unit’s conversation, battery life and power source, durability and weather resistance, mounting options, wireless connectivity, alarms and alerts.

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Wind Meter (Anemometer) : Labtron Wind Meter (Anemometer) offers different types of multi-functional Anemometer. These are used to measure air velocity, wind speed, temperature, and direction. They possess simple interfaces and customizable features allowing for seamless operation. Our Wind Meter offers accuracy and functionality for monitoring wind speeds in HVAC systems, outdoor activities, or meteorological research.
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