XRD Diffractometer

Labtron XRD Diffractometer utilizes versatile X-ray tubes with source materials such as Cu, Fe, Co, Cr, and Mo. They are equipped with proportional and scintillation counters. Our XRD diffractometer delivers great energy resolution and accurate data collection. Their advanced goniometer structures guarantee reliable and repeatable measurements. Safety is a priority for our diffractometers, which protect against current leakage, overload, over-current, and over-temperature.

XRD Diffractometer LXRD-B10 XRD Diffractometer LXRD-B10

X-ray tube : Metal ceramic tube: Cu, Fe, Co, Cr, Mo, etc.; Power: 2.4 kW

Focus size : 1×10 mm, 0.4×14 mm or 2×12 mm

Stability : ≤0.005%

Tube current : 5 to 50 mA

XRD Diffractometer LXRD-A10 XRD Diffractometer LXRD-A10

X-ray Tube : Glass tube, Ceramic tube, Ripple Ceramic tube

X-Ray Source Material : Cu, Fe, Co, Cr, Mo, etc.,

Focus Size : 1 × 10 mm/ 0.4 × 14 mm/ 2 × 12 mm

Stability : ≤ 0.01 %

XRD Diffractometer :
XRD Diffractometer LXRD-B10, XRD Diffractometer LXRD-A10, and more.

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