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Roller Bottle Incubator LRBI-A10

Roller Bottle Incubator LRBI-A10 is a compact design, economical CO2 incubator system designed to hold roller bottle apparatus. Features 5 to 60°C temperature range, 0 to 20 % CO2 concentration range, 1 to 80 rpm bottle rolling speed range. Designed as hollow glass door unit with mirror-finished stainless steel interior chamber. The uniform temperature is maintained through forced air circulation technology. Alarm as a warning sign functions for over temperature, abnormal temperature sensor, independent overheating protection, CO2 concentration dropdown.

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Temperature range 5 to 60°C
Temperature uniformity ±0.5°C (ambient temperature 25°C, set value 37°C, 5 % no load)
Temperature fluctuation ±0.2°C (ambient temperature 25°C, set value 37°C, 5 % no load)
CO2 Concentration range 0 to 20 %
CO2 Concentration accuracy 0.1% (at 5%)
CO2 Concentration reach to to 5% in < 10 minutes
CO2 Sensor IR sensor
Humidity range 50 to 90 % RH
Humidity accuracy ± 5 to 7%
Size of Bottle 1000 ml hollyhock bottle
Speed range for bottle 1 to 80 rpm
Voltage AC 200 V, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption 1700 W
Internal dimension 745×690×1115 mm
External dimension 845×885×1349 mm
Weight 175 kg
  • Force air circulation technology offers uniform chamber temperature
  • High precision sensor and PID controller to control temperature accurately
  • Advanced microprocessor controlling chip with stable performance
  • Digital LED Display shows both Temperature range and CO2 concentration range
  • Over-temperature alarm, automatic power off, safe and reliable
  • Internal electric outlet provision for attaching roller bottle
  • Easy to remove roller bottle apparatus
  • User-friendly operation

Roller Bottle Incubator is used in tissue cell culture testing and research analysis laboratories, research centers for tissue culture, biotechnology, medicine, etc.

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