Manifold Top Press Freeze Dryer LFFD-E11

Manifold Top Press Freeze Dryer LFFD-E11

Manifold Top Press Freeze Dryer LFFD-E11 is a floor standing unit with 3 kg condenser capacity and condenser temperature of - 80 °C for specimen’s containing solvents. The manifolds allow lyophilization of wide spectrum of sample volumes. It facilitates the connection of eight different sizes of flasks ranging from 100 ml to 1000 ml. Precise vacuum control enables faster freeze drying and reproducible results.

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Condenser temperature - 80 °C
Condenser capacity 3 kg / 24 h
Freeze drying area 0.1 m²
Bulk capacity 1 L
Vial capacity Φ 12 mm 656 pieces
Vial capacity Φ 16 mm 372 pieces
Vial capacity Φ 22 mm 196 pieces
Display LCD touch screen
Shelves 4 shelves
Shelves dimension Φ 180 mm
Final Vacuum < 10 Pa
Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions 660 x 460 x ( 710 + 430 ) mm
Weight 190 kg
  • Ice condenser capacity is 3 kg / 24 h
  • Condenser temperature ( - 80 °C )
  • Vacuum pump oil return
  • Oil mist filtration system
  • Clear acrylic door for easy product viewing during processing
  • Easy to clean and anti-corrosion cold trap and operating table
  • Display of sample temperature , vacuum curve degree , cold trap temperature curve

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