Cube Ice Makers LCIM-A37 Catalog


Cube Ice Maker LCIM-A37 can generate 636 kgs of ice per day while functioning efficiently at ambient temperatures of 20°C and inlet water temperatures of 10°C. It can regulate water and ice levels more effectively with real-time monitoring features. This is built to meet CE and ISO requirements and has innovative technology and high-quality materials. Its design includes insulation in both the door and ice storage bin, eliminating moisture on the surface.

Features :

  • Produces crystal-clear ice cubes of uniform shape, and transparency
  • Production of safe, hygienic, and odorless ice
  • Easy-to-use electronic controls and overload safety
  • R404A refrigerant and a CFC-free compressor
  • Stainless steel and sturdy plastic cabinets
  • Automatic indicator to monitor ice and water levels
Specifications :
Capacity 636 kgs / 24 hrs
Storage Bin Capacity 280 kgs
Refrigeration System R404A
Cooling Mode Air/Water Cooling
Cooling Fan EBM(Germany)
Dry Filter Danfoss(Denmark)
Exterior Finish 304/2B Stainless steel
Compressor Brand Tecumseh (France)
Certification CE
Power Consumption 2600 W
Standard Voltage 1P / 220 V / 50 Hz
Dimension (W D x H) 844 × 705 × 620 mm; 840 × 790 × 1055 mm (1.1 CBM)
Weight 128 kgs
Applications :

Cube Ice Makers found in restaurants, bars, chemical plants, marine fisheries, and similar locales, cube ice machines are indispensable tools, offering versatile solutions to a myriad of demands. Their adaptability makes them indispensable assets in various settings and industries.

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